How e-Learning helped ESI customers improve travel security

Customer: European Security Institute

The European Security Institute (ESI) provides travel security intelligence and training for corporations and their employees.

The Challenge

ESI needed an e-Learning solution that communicated personal travel security information to customers and highlighted ESIÔÇÖs skills in arranging seminars. Skills Creator delivered an e-learning solution that gave useful training on travelling safely by presenting ESIÔÇÖs knowledge in a packaged training product.

We collaborated with ESI to identify the two major challenges in educating employees on proper travel security.

  1. Travel security consists of hundreds of separate pieces of safety advice that travelers must learn and commit to.  The existing learning process required them to memorize the information either from a seminar or a book.
  2. Arranging classroom training or seminars is costly and requires extra planning for a company; It also┬álimits ESI’s customer approach.

Based on these facts,┬áwe looked to┬áan e-learning solution to give useful training on safe travelling by presenting ESI’s knowledge┬áin a packaged training product.

The Solution

Skills Creator produced an engaging e-Learning course, delivering a powerful message on travel security in an interactive environment that simulates the many stages of travel preparation and travel. To do so, we used 3D graphics, realistic sound, and professional voice acting.

Skills Creator created a compact product that is well-suited to being hosted on an Internet server. This solved the distance challenge and gave ESI a new, packaged product to offer their customers.

The design of the product was also created to be easily adaptable and customizable, so future ESI customers could get their own branding, localization, or additional material included.

The Result

ESI received a unique product that differentiated them in the marketplace and boosted their national customer base with a solution that applied to any IT infrastructure.