How became one of Denmark’s largest independent Microsoft Office sites…

We have developed one of Denmark’s largest independent Microsoft Office sites where every week┬áthousands of visitors get new inspiration and download lots of tips and tricks for their daily work in Office programs. originally started as a hobby project for one of the founders of the company, but grew larger and larger with our work with Microsoft Office books for Microsoft.

In 2009, the site had gained a certain momentum and we decided to commercialize the site. We therefore started posting new articles on a weekly basis and built the first syndication agreements.

The Challenge:

In everyday life, the modern knowledge worker have a hard time finding a comprehensive approach to how their work tasks are performed with Microsoft Office, how they are handled more easily or find a place to get inpiration for new ways to perform the tasks on.

The Solution:

The content on is presented as a series of articles and themes in blog-style. Each article is written either to provide inspiration for new ways to solve particular tasks or as a concrete tip on how to use a given function within an Office program or solve a particular problem.

OfficeTips also contains a number of themes about popular topics, like how to work more efficiently in Outlook, how to make memorable presentations, how to run more effective meetings, and finally, comparisons of Microsoft Office and the alternatives available in the market.

OfficeTips also sells Microsoft Office and Sharepoint books to end-users from the integrated shop.

The Result:

Today, is one of the most quoted independent sources┬áfor Microsoft Office in Denmark, has over 220,000 regular readers, delivers syndicated content to several other websites and printed computer magazines, and┬áis used regularly on Microsoft’s Danish website and teamblogs.

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