Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Skills Creator can deliver a wide range of LMS functionality to ensure efficient employee training.

We can deliver many types of employee training tools, from a simple course launcher to advanced SCORM compliant systems for online training, both as standard out-of-the-box Learning Management Systems. We can also create tailor-made systems built on a range of platforms, including Microsoft SharePoint and open source solutions like Moodle and the CMS-system, WordPress.

To support your learning management needs, we support employee engagement by integrating social learning components into your employee training plans, using pre-populated wikis, social media, virtual classrooms, online meeting facilities, and other informal and social learning tools.

From the simplest employee training solution

Our most simple Learning Management solutions gives your organization access to online employee training, but does not test your employees, track their progress, or provide any facilities. The LMS is uploaded to a central server and deployed to your employees via your company’s intranet.

to the most advanced

We can deliver advanced Learning Management Systems with all the functionality you’d expect, including SCORM compliance, virtual classrooms, complete course management, assessment tools, and a reporting system. Furthermore, we offer special tools to drive employee engagement by integrating the LMS into the company’s intranet.

Going mobile?

We recognize that mobile devices are being used more and more frequently and in a variety of contexts, so we incorporate their usage as part of a learning management system to boost employee engagement. We can deliver LMS solutions supporting either Flash or HTML 5 to ensure that the training is available to your employees regardless of the devices they use to access the course.