Printed Solutions

Are you one of those people who enjoys learning from a textbook while drinking┬áa cup of coffee ÔÇô far away from┬áyour computer? Then keep reading!

Skills Creator acknowledges that people have different learning styles, so we produce textbooks, quick reference guides, and other printed solutions as training materials in addition to our online e-learning courses and other training materials. We have produced and published a wide range of Microsoft marketing books, quick reference guides, and training material for both end-user and marketing purposes.

Marketing textbooks

Skills Creator has developed a series of marketing textbooks for Microsoft which help familiarize the reader with Microsoft applications, including the 2007 Microsoft Office system, Microsoft Office 2010, SharePoint 2010, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and Microsoft Dynamics AX for both end users and decision makers. Our Microsoft Office marketing books are especially popular because instead of describing the basics, they focus on all the new smart features in Word, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. that users want to be updated on.

Most of our textbooks are a hybrid of education and marketing for products that customers either have purchased or are planning to purchase. We differentiate from others because we use a unique process and role-based way of writing technical material, mixing tips and tricks with new features and functionality. This informal and engaging style inspires the reader to explore the possibilities and value of MicrosoftÔÇÖs applications.

We can create similar textbooks for other technologies and subjects, with a special focus on how the reader can improve their daily productivity.

Quick reference guides

We can deliver customized training material in the form of quick reference guides, which are great as a fast and easy ramp-up or as a tangible teaching guide to refer to while working. This medium gets to the point to impart the knowledge and skills needed to perform specific tasks or use an IT application. Quick reference guides ensure a high adoption rate as employees can have them laying on their desks for easy access and they can be used as an awareness booster when distributed with other learning components in a blended learning program for your organization. They are also a very cost effective way of delivering training to your employees.

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Microsoft Office textbooks for your implementation

The Microsoft Office books are used by a large number of Microsoft Partners and organizations worldwide and are currently available in Danish, English, Finnish, and Norwegian for Microsoft Office 2010 and also in Swedish for the 2007 Microsoft Office system.

The books are available in print and, for those of you who are implementing Microsoft Office in your organization and prefer online training, we have created a special PDF resource and an interactive online version that can emblazoned with your companyÔÇÖs logo before being delivered to your employees.

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