Rapid e-learning enhances knowledge sharing

Employee-created rapid e-learning helps your organization to share important knowledge that else would have remained hidden.

Are you considering building e-learning competencies internally or do you need inspiration for how to move forward with your internal e-learning development? Skills Creator can help you shape your web-based training plans and teach your employees how to use rapid e-learning courses to share their knowledge.

Rapid e-learning

Rapid learning is key to easy and simple internal knowledge-sharing within your company, as well as with your customers and business partners. Rapid e-learning consists of short, simple learning objects that can be quickly-built and distributed throughout your organization through the intranet. The power of rapid e-learning is that it gives employees with unique skills the opportunity to easily share their knowledge with colleagues in a way that is accessible to your entire organization.

We can help you integrate rapid e-learning into your business. We assist with finding the right tools for rapid e-learning, choosing what platform the rapid e-learning objects should be distributed on, and training your employees so they are empowered to share their knowledge and produce individual rapid e-learning objects.

Learn how to build your own e-learning solution

Skills Creator can give your employees the knowledge and tools they need to build e-learning courses for their colleagues. We teach your employees how to use standard e-learning tools, such as Camtasia, Adobe Captivate, and PowerPoint, to build simple e-learning sequences for their colleagues. We introduce them to a variety of approaches and methodologies in addition to the e-learning training to better support your employees’ different learning styles. At the same time, we teach employees how to organize and produce training material, guiding them from initial idea to finished result.

Let us complete your e-learning

You can also choose to let Skills Creator complete your e-learning based on what youÔÇÖve already developed. We have extensive experience in producing e-learning courses and translating e-learning courses that have already been developed in one language. We have the additional resources you need to make your e-learning a success!