Capture the social knowledge in your organization

Nothing has revolutionized the Internet like social media and web 2.0 technologies such as Facebook, wikis, blogs, etc.

How can you formalize and capture the social knowledge and other intellectual capital that your employees hold – and keep it long after they have left the company?

Get the most from your in-house experts

By providing informal training tools such as wikis, podcast, social platforms, and other web 2.0-based tools, we help you accelerate knowledge sharing and collect the social intelligence in your company. As part of your training package, we will help you implement corporate social media in the form of wikis, blogs, and podcasts.

Jump-start your social media training

We can jump-start your company’s social media training by delivering pre-populated wiki solutions in the form of written articles and blog posts. Employees can then edit the delivered wiki articles or blog posts to reflect the work processes in your company or update the articles with knowledge that is specific to their organization.

Distribute information via podcast

We can help you produce a podcast series from initial idea all the way to the having the final podcast ready for download onto your employees’ music player of choice from our podcast hosting center. We can facilitate all the steps in between, including creating speech manuscripts, using professional recording studios, as well as translation services and speech recordings in multiple languages.