WordPress CMS Solutions

WordPress is no longer just a blogging tool. With over 25 million sites online, it is the world’s most frequently used Content Management System (CMS) supported by thousands of developers worldwide.

Skills Creator uses WordPress as a platform for delivering websites with a wide range of functionality.

Not just a one-size-fits-all solution

Our staff of experienced PHP programmers builds tailor-made plug-ins and customizes WordPress functionality while our team of graphic designers creates amazing looking WordPress themes that look nothing like the free WordPress themes you normally see on other websites. YouÔÇÖll get a site that is truly your own!

Whether you need a simple website solution or an advanced e-commerce system, we can deliver a quality solution that you can build on and grow with.

Customized WordPress admin back-end

If your customers need access to the administrative part of your site, they’ll use a totally customized back end in accordance with your branding guidelines and with the additional features and functions needed to serve them.

WordPress ÔÇô SharePoint integration

We can deliver integration between WordPress and SharePoint so that you can use WordPress for your customer front-end and get customer information and other interactions delivered to your internal SharePoint site.