How we made Vestforbrænding’s presentations more engaging…

Customer: Vestforbrænding

Vestforbrænding incorporated a new strategy for building presentations that removed bulleted slides from their presentations and gave them a set template to build their presentations on. This made the presentations easier to understand and more memorable for the audience — even long after the presentation is over.

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How e-Learning helped ESI customers improve travel security

Customer: European Security Institute

ESI needed an e-Learning solution that communicated their expertise in personal travel security to customers, in addition to their skills in arranging seminars. We delivered an e-learning solution that gave useful training in safe travelling by presenting ESI’s expertise in a packaged training product.

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How DI made a swift transition to Office 2007…

Customer: Confederation of DI – Danish Industry

Planning to roll out the 2007 Microsoft Office system, DI wanted to increase their employees productivity with new approaches in working with Office 2007. We created an approach with communication, planning, training material within the enterprise, mixed with practical application training.

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