Training in the classroom

Classroom training is an intensive education channel that calls for training small groups on highly specialized topics. Classroom training is a valuable resource that Skills Creator offers in addition to e-learning and traditional printed training material. Today’s classroom training sessions can be held as in-person training or as virtual classroom sessions.

Our instructor-led classroom training is tailor made to fit your learning needs and ensures that the experience is customized to the different learning styles and job roles in your organization. In close cooperation with an organization’s management team, we perform a knowledge and learning need analysis among those employees who are selected to participate in the instructor-led training. We usually use classroom training to train smaller audiences with specific learning needs, often┬áat an┬áexpert level, or to train super users, particularly on Microsoft products.

Our classroom-based education programs provide the best Return On Investment (ROI) and fastest adoption rates among employees taking our courses.

Virtual classrooms

We now have a number of technologies that can deliver the classroom feeling at your desk. Courses are delivered through the internet so your teacher can be located anywhere in the world and you do not have to travel to participate, which keeps training costs down for your business.

Best fit for specialized learning needs

We use both face-to-face and virtual classrooms as a part of a blended learning program that also includes other media platforms, such as our e-learning and printed training material. Together, the different medias support your employees’ various learning styles.

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