How DI made a swift transition to Office 2007…

Customer: Confederation of Danish Industry (DI)

DI represents a number of leading Danish industrial companies that constantly need to coordinate and produce large amounts of internal and external information.

The Challenge

Planning to roll out the 2007 Microsoft Office system, DI was aware of the need for training, but also had employees who were highly experienced with Microsoft Office. The challenge was to give DI training to increase their productivity with new approaches to working with Office 2007.

The Solution

Skills Creator applied the Microsoft SMARTworker concept to increase the productivity of employees using Office products. This was done by better aligning the organization’s people, processes, and technology. Skills Creator combined practical application training with maintaining a holistic perspective when working with communication, planning, and documentation within the enterprise.

Underviser Benny Christen Grandahl, Skills Creator, får en snak med en af kursisterne fra DI.Skills Creator provided DI with customized Office 2007 books and classroom-based training. These short seminars targeted selected groups of employees, including the support staff, secretaries, and employees in the Communications Department, to introduce them to the new features of Office 2007.

The Result

DI was able to maximize the benefit of their IT upgrade by ramping up their employees’ adoption rates.