How eLearning is helping Arla Foods protect its Commercial IP Rights

Executive Summary

Arla’s Global Legal Services needs to raise awareness about Commercial IP Rights across the marketing and sales organisation worldwide. They turned to Skills Creator to deliver short and frequent courses, delivered on a flexible, web-based eLearning platform.

  • To date over 100 marketing staff trained worldwide
  • Greater confidence about rapid globalisation
  • Travel time reduced


Jakob Balling, Director, Head of Intellectual Property at Arla Global Legal Services was frustrated by how much time he was spending travelling to give face-to-face training. “With rapid international growth and the growing importance of protecting Arla’s Commercial IP worldwide, it was clear a different approach was required”, recalls Balling.

Like any business, Marketing and Sales staff at Arla are notoriously keen on speed and flexibility.  Training needs to help them tackle everyday challenges like running a campaign on social media.

“Arla really believes in leveraging technology to help us reach our growth targets, while giving employees flexibility and choice”, says Balling. This was most apparent in the Bring-Your-Own IT hardware policy.  However, at that time there was no LMS platform at Arla capable of meeting the need for speed and mobile learning.

The solution

Skills Creator developed a tailored series of short, interactive courses together with the subject matter expert at Arla.  We targeted the courses to shift learner behaviour, staring with an introductory course to raise awareness of Commercial IP and moving on to topics like IP Scams or Trademark Conflicts.

Mobile Ready

To meet the demand for flexible learning on any device we developed and host a mobile friendly web-based learning platform. As a web based platform we support breakthrough new standards like HTML5 and are able to publish new courses quickly and at lower cost than full-blown LMS system.


Learners take a short quiz at the end of each course to review the main learning points and register their successful completion of the course. Management can generate reports on user progress; easily add new users to the system; and evaluate the flow and difficulties in all courses and adjust or update the content if needed.

The result

To date over one hundred marketing staff worldwide have successfully completed eLearning courses. Travel expenses and Balling’s time away from the office giving training have been substantially reduced.


According to Balling, “with the introduction of eLearning we feel quite a lot more comfortable about the speedy globalisation of Arla”.

Testimony to the success of the initiative, the programme was nominated for a prestigious internal marketing award at Arla. “Although it didn´t win, getting nominated as a non-marketing project was a big achievement in itself”, mused Balling.

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