Training the trainers resulted in a faster and less painful roll-out of SharePoint Server 2007 for the FOA trade union…

Customer: FOA (Fag & Arbejde, Denmark)

FOA  is one of the largest Danish trade unions for public employees within the care sector.

The challenge

FOA was facing a major implementation and roll-out of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 across the entire organization in numerous locations throughout Denmark. They needed to train their widely-dispersed workers without taking them away from their daily tasks or their families for days of training.

The Solution

In close collaboration with Skills Creator, FOA chose to train a small number of employees┬áusing Skills Creator’s special approch to IT training: Communication and learning needs are┬áaddressed through process-oriented and job role-targeted training that can be taken on-demand or easily fitted into the employees’ daily routines.

The Train the Trainer seminars was build on a special training approach called Holistic learning!

The training sessions were implemented┬áfor this small group over┬áa three-day course with four weekly follow-up meetings. During the course, FOAÔÇÖs employees were taught how to conduct both 1-on-1 and classroom training and how to create training materials that would serve as quick reference guides for specific job roles and┬átasks.

Holistic learning is based on how people learn and adapt new information.

The small task force that Skills Creator trained then went on to train their co-workers in FOA’s numerous branches all over Denmark.

The Result

Choosing to train a limited number of employees enabled FOA to have in-house training throughout Denmark and save a lot of money on travel expenses. They benefited from additional cost savings as they had also learned how to produce their own customized training material. By focusing on work processes and documenting how these processes are performed with Microsoft Office SharePoint, such training material can be used when needed and serves as a convenient resource for employees.