How we made Vestforbrænding’s presentations more engaging…

Customer: Vestforbrænding

Vestforbrænding is Denmark’s largest waste managment corporation that provides waste management solutions for 875,000 people in 19 municipalities in the metropolitan area. They work hard to recycle and see garbage as a resource that can be exploited to the same degree as oil and other energy resources.

The Challenge

Vestforbrænding has been doing an increasing number of presentations to a wide variety of target audiences, ranging from the municipalities that own their local waste management companies to school classes that teach better recycling habits and greater awareness of proper waste management at Vestforbrænding’s WasteLab. Vestforbrænding wanted to learn how to create more engaging and memorable presentations for the members of their very different target audiences.

The Solution

Skills Creator designed a two-day intensive training course for a small group of selected corporate intermediaries. The teaching process was based on Cliff Attkinsson’s “Beyond Bullet Points” and Chip and Dan Heath’s “Made to Stick” theory, mixed with Skills Creator’s own learning and dissemination theories.

Diassorteringen giver et godt overblik over præsentationen.

The facilitators were given new knowledge and new techniques to create captivating presentations. At the end of the class, each employee had an opportunity to implement what they had learned by giving their own presentation to the other participants.

The Result

The customer’s employees had incorporated a new strategy for building presentations that removed bulleted slides from their presentations and gave them a set template to build their presentations on. This made the presentations easier to understand and more memorable for the audience — even long after the presentation is over.

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