Building a portal for Microsoft Learning that combines an incentive program with targeted marketing messaging…

Customer: Microsoft Learning, USA

Microsoft Learning builds innovative learning products that enable you to make the most of your investment in Microsoft technology. Microsoft Learning (MSL) offers a diverse range of products, including classroom training, e-learning, certification, Microsoft Press books, skills assessments, and more.

The Challenge:

MSL needed to give Microsoft Certified Trainers a way to reward students with exam discounts and to motivate the Microsoft Certified Trainers to be career advisors for their students, thereby increasing the sales of certifications and associated exams. To this end, Microsoft built an incentive program with discount vouchers for the students and rewards for the Microsoft Certified Trainers that distributed the vouchers among their students.

This program had been running for some time, but Microsoft Learning wanted to expand the program to other MSL communities, such as Microsoft Valued Professionals, so they also could hand out vouchers and earn points in the incentive program. At the same time, Microsoft Learning wanted to drive different messaging and information to each of the communities that participated.

The Solution:

Microsoft Learning - My Learning Rewards Website

To accommodate the demands for an audience-centered solution to drive the incentive program, Skills Creator built a modular web-based solution that could handle several audiences. Each audience could have their own targeted messaging and communication and participate in all the incentive programs that were relevant to them.

Each participating user could be a member of several audiences; participate in the campaigns and receive information for their audience; issue vouchers for the incentive programs they participated in; see the points they have earned; and redeem points for prizes and rewards.





The Result:

Each user belongs to an audience - and each audience got their own Rewards programs and campaigns.

By using the My Learning Rewards Portal, Microsoft Learning can distribute targeted communication to each of their audiences as well as drive all the incentive programs they want for each audience. This gives Microsoft Learning a flexible solution with which they can enroll new audiences on the fly and add new campaigns and incentive programs for each of the audiences.

The My Learning Rewards Portal today has more then 100,000 regular users each month earning points in various rewards programs.