How we made a One-Stop-Shop Solution for Microsoft Learning

Customer: Microsoft Learning (MSL)
The Microsoft Learning Campaign Factory is a dynamic and comprehensive web portal that provides Learning Partners with all the relevant information they need to benefit from MSL marketing campaigns. Though initially designed as a fast and flexible system to make out-of-the-box marketing materials more easily available and customizable for Learning Partners, the Campaign Factory’s growing functionality adapts to MSL’s expanding programs and MSL Partners’ current needs.

 The Challenge

While the Microsoft Partner Portal is the central communications platform for all types of Microsoft Partners, it limits the types of content posted on the portal. Microsoft Learning felt the Partner Portal was too time-consuming and lacked the flexibility and functionality to best support Microsoft Partners with the specific Learning competency. Most importantly, they wanted to provide MSL Partners with downloadable, customizable marketing materials to increase Partner participation in Learning campaigns.

The Solution

The Campaign Factory solution was launched for the EMEA Learning Partner audience in 2007. Working with Microsoft Learning, Skills Creator has since further developed the Campaign Factory into an international, multi-functional solution for all MSL Partners. It gives Partners a one-stop-shopping experience for all the information they need on MSL products, programs, and campaigns. Added functionality, such as coordinating Partner offers and Partner KPIs, reflects Skills Creator’s innovation and drive to continuously improve the solution and to add value to MSL’s Partner programs.

For the last few years, Skills Creator has been managing the Campaign Factory for Ioanna Gavrielatou, Microsoft Learning Partners Marketing Communications. She summarizes, “We needed a better way to share marketing material with our Partners, as well as consolidate information and functions.” The Campaign Factory solution addressed these needs and evolved over time to give MSL new ways to engage Learning Partners. “I love that Skills Creator keeps coming with new ideas to improve Partner interaction.”

The Result

Along with providing a complex solution that is flexible and easy to use, Skills Creator is dedicated to managing their relationship with Microsoft Learning. Ioanna has worked with several members of the Skills Creator team on the planning, technical, account management, and day-to-day aspects of the project. With minimum weekly synch meetings and a good rhythm of business, Ioanna feels Skills Creator is engaged and sets clear expectations. “I think what I appreciate most is how they are very professional and responsive, the quality of the solution and that they don’t over-promise, and that they are very thoughtful and creative.”

Read the case about Microsoft Learning Campaign Factory here.


Customer: Microsoft Learning (MSL), Microsoft Corporation
Customer contact: Ioanna Gavrielatou, Learning Partners Marketing Communications, Athens, Greece
Solution summary:
  • Comprehensive marketing website for MSL Partners
  • Online download and customization of marketing materials
  • One-stop shop for information on products, programs, campaigns, and KPIs.
Solution platform  Microsoft .NET


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