How using a wide range of training materials enabled Novozymes to have a smooth worldwide roll-out of Microsoft CRM…

Customer: Novozymes

Novozymes is the global leader in Bio innovation and Bio-industrial products with branches throughout the world.

The Challenge

Novozymes was in the process of migrating their old CRM platform to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 on a global scale. This was done as part of their new sales strategy.

From the beginning, Novozymes had a clear focus on getting the right training for the new CRM system users that would be cost efficient and accessible across locations and time zones.

The Solution

Novozymes chose Skills Creator to develop the central parts of their training in e-Learning, as well as develop Super User training and materials and generate awareness-creation with their marketing department.

E-Learning Modules

Skills Creator developed a tailored, modular training concept. Using slides, we demonstrated the business practice that the Dynamics CRM migration builds on, then gave the user a hands-on system simulation (tutorial).

Preparing Super Users for User Training and Change Management

Skills Creator participated in the Super User training by preparing PowerPoint training material and showing two presentations:

  • How people react to changes and how this is to be taken into account when training people in new IT systems.
  • How to transfer knowledge from Super Users to End Users.

Customer Portal Promotion Using Flash Video

An important part of the new sales strategy in Novozymes’ Enzymes division was a new customer portal. To promote the portal, Skills Creator developed a Flash/3D-based presentation video that┬áshowed off┬áthe portal’s smart, new┬áfeatures.

The Result

Novozymes benefited by involving Skills Creator early on in the CRM roll-out process┬áso that we could provide them with┬áa tailored training suite that was both cost efficient and met their awareness and training┬áneeds. Skills Creator supported Novozymes’ project plan for developing and fine tuning their CRM system by providing a flexible solution that was easy to update as the need arose. This training┬áenabled Novozymes employees to be ready for the worldwide implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0.