Portal for Marketing

With a full marketing service portal you can unite your organization, reach partners and customers, and execute marketing campaigns.

Set up a centralized Web portal that gathers your marketing materials, customers, and channel partners for a perfect, transparent view of your existing and future campaigns.

Keep every bit of marketing collateral up to date; distribute materials and information quickly; let customers and partners customize markeing materials; help them get to market faster; and help yourself coordinate and get a much better overview of your marketing efforts. Furthermore, a full service portal solution enables you to distribute marketing and sales materials and other information to your colleagues, partners, and customers without the need for a traditional Content Management System.

Providing your customers and partners with the right materials whenever they want it frees you from having to send out extra e-mail messages or letters and from having to constantly check that you are using the most current version of a document.

Skills Creator can build you a total solution: from creating the concept, functionality, and design of the portal to running and servicing it with our unique out-servicing concept. Within the portal, you can present each marketing campaign to your partners and make the related material available along with information about how it is used in the campaign. Among other things, you can even customize the marketing material online, giving partners the opportunity to add their logo and contact information and write their own introduction. Streamlining campaign materials delivery can simply be a matter of making the customization online and letting the partner download the customized PDF file for printing.