Super User Training

Super user training does not only cover their technical skills. Also skills within communication, and training the colleagues needs to be improved to ensure the superusers can generate the employee engagement, which is so critical for fast and strong adoption rates for new skills and technologies in the organisation.

Skills Creator has redefined the classic super user concept to encompass not only technical knowledge around a particular product or task, but also knowledge of how to best share what they know and communicate the underlying reasons why others should learn it. Our trained super users are empowered to manage work tasks with the new technologies and skills that they must teach. However, Skills CreatorÔÇÖs special training package also teaches super users how to handle the communication and change management challenges created by the introduction of new technologies and how they can use pedagogical methods in their employee engagement and training.

Super users are your go-to guys

Super users are usually the first and most obvious choice to help roll out new technologies across an organization. The traditional super user role focuses mostly on having superior technical skills, but the role would benefit greatly by developing the super user to better understand employee engagement and how they support the daily workflow in your company. The more a super user knows about how to communicate and share their knowledge, the better they can advocate for effective change.

Educational tools for employee engagement

Our training needs analysis has shown that super users often lack insight into fundamental training techniques which, in turn, inhibits their ability to drive adoption rates for new skills and technologies. They also need to learn how to correctly use training media in either a classroom or one-on-one setting. Educational training for super users helps them understand how colleagues can take advantage of the new technology to maximize the benefit to their daily work. This is key to employee engagement and realizing organizational productivity improvements.

Change management skills

In addition to the actual training, the super user plays an important role in the organizational change management process. Skills Creator can prepare your employees for the challenges they will face when they need to help drive change management in your organization.