Skills Creator acquires The Learning Republic making Skills Creator one of the biggest players in the e-learning market in Denmark

Skills Creator acquires The Learning Republic making Skills Creator one of the biggest players in the e-learning market in Denmark. The acquisition will at the same time strengthen the companyÔÇÖs competencies in Web solutions and digital marketing.

Today’s market requires flexible, cost-efficient, and creative solutions that support customersÔÇÖ increased focus on expediting project completion and ÔÇ£time-to-market.ÔÇØ At the same time, customer needs are very individual, which necessitates a broader palette of competencies and solutions. Last, but not least, solution providers should be able to advise their customers and enable them to make decisions that create the most value for their business.

While the consumer segment has long used mobile platforms, companies have just now begun to realize the opportunities that lie in using mobile platforms to improve flexibility and create more efficient business processes. For Skills Creator, it means developing more learning materials on mobile platforms and more mobile Web-based business solutions.

An easy decision

As a result of the buy-out, the former Director of Learning Republic, Oliver Peters, has transitioned to a new role at Obton A/S. His parting words are, “It is my expectation that Skills Creator and Learning Republic will be stronger together and that it will provide completely new opportunities for both companies’ customers.”

When the option to buy Learning Republic presented itself, it was an easy decision for Skills Creator to go for it. Christian Gausbo, Skills Creator partner and CEO, comments, “The whole process has been very good. Both companies are located in the same market, both companies have a strong focus on their customers’ business challenges, and we all want to provide quality solutions that create value for our customers. We look forward to visiting our new and old customers and presenting our solutions.”

Consolidation in the market

Skills Creator foresees the possibility of further consolidation along the road, especially in the e-learning industry. Skills Creator partner Ben Christen Grandahl explains, “The e-learning industry in Denmark consists of several smaller players; continued consolidation with fewer, larger companies will allow the industry to mature, moving us into the mobile age and beyond the country’s borders.”

About Skills Creator

Skills Creator delivers customized learning programs, as well as inter-and intranet solutions. The company was established in 2007 and has offices in Denmark, India, Spain, and the United States.

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