Web Solutions that fit your business needs

Can’t find a standard web solution that meets your business needs? Licensing costs suddenly grown out of control? Either way, Skills Creator can help!

One size does not always fit all!

If you try to bend standard web solutions too much to meet┬áyour┬árequirements,┬áit ends up creating new challenges. Technology is┬ásupposed to help solve┬áchallenges ÔÇô not to create them!

WhatÔÇÖs your business challenge?

Skills Creator has a track record of developing complex yet flexible customized web solutions that generate real value to global and local customers. Our solutions are known for┬áhaving an immediate positive impact on an organization’s business efficiency and responsiveness to customers and external business partners.

We┬áhandle all aspects of the development process,┬ásecuring a solution that serves it’s purpose and meets your business needs.┬áOnce the solution is delivered, implemented, and rolled out in┬áyour organization, we can maintain it for you┬áand even drive future content development.

For all the solutions that we deliver, we focus on these areas:

  • Strategy ÔÇô┬ámaking sure your business needs are met
  • Design ÔÇô maximizing usability and and overall graphic design
  • Development ÔÇô securing overall quality in code and┬áminimizing development process costs
  • Hosting ÔÇô we can host your solution, or collaborate with your┬áinfrastructure,┬áor work with a 3rd party vendor
  • Web Administration ÔÇô we can provide content development, updates, and coordination
  • Technical Support ÔÇô we can deliver flexible and cost effective technical support for your web solutions┬á
  • User Support and Training ÔÇô we can facilitate training for a successful roll-out and provide user support┬áemployees, customers, and partners
  • Platform ÔÇô we can develop web solutions on both Microsoft .NET (Internet Information Server and Microsoft SQL) and the LAMP platform (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP)